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Captain Obvious Beatles 50th Anniversary © Michael Pohrer

A special look back on A Minute With Captain Obvious©

The Beatles’ 50th anniversary celebration in America from 2014 with our favorite traveler of the high seas. Obviously you can’t have moving photos on the printed pages. Wait, you can if you read them digitally. Never mind Woo Hoo the Captain at the helm of the outlandish Yellow Submarine.

On a side note I believe I hold the record for shortest FB Account in history. I tried to get an account set up to share the activities from the studio with you cartoon fans. Everything was going just great and then my account got suspended. What a hoot! I really don’t have time to waste right now to get the problem resolved. I might give it a go this week to get the account reinstated depending on time available in the studio.

Apologies if your hometown newspaper doesn’t carry the features. from the drawing boards. Feel free to ask your hometown newspaper’s Features Editor to add FIDDLESTIX© to the printed pages. A little help goes a long way friends.

All the characters from the other features salute ” The Captain” on his brief but triumphant appearance on the printed pages as well we hope to see him return for more High Seas Hi-Jinks. Please feel free to share the funnies with your friends.

Captain Obvious 2015 © Michael Pohrer

PC Studios Salutes Employee of the Month Captain Obvious © 2015 Michael Pohrer

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