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2014 Welcome To The Jungle© Feature Banner Michael Pohrer

Fabulous funnies in spectacular 2-D Cartoonovision? Be amazed at the mind-numbing nonsense of Life in the not so Fast lane.

The original concept for Welcome To The Jungle© has changed dramatically since the initial vision started in 2006. The early stages went through name changes due to a syndication conflict and these cartoons alternated between anthropormorphic  characters and that other species, humans.  All of these strips were created in full color and in two different formats to accommodate space restrictions in some publications. This is a look at the format that the first Welcome To The Jungle© strips appeared on the printed pages during the development stage of the new feature.  (Cartoonist Side Note see initial name idea which was immediately shot down in flames of glory, but the feature was picked up quickly for magazines. )















Welcome To The Jungle© was originally created to replace the FIDDLESTIX© dailies that were pulled from publication at the year end of 2007. (FIDDLESTIX© still runs in a classic comics format. This feature currently runs as a Sunday only feature) The new feature was an outlet to continue with a daily drawn horizontal formatted strip to accomodate the printed pages.

Here is a look at the Welcome To The Jungle© dailies as they currently appear through the printed pages circa 2013. Witness the genius of absurdity in Spectacular 2-D Cartoonovision.

2013 Welcome To The Jungle © Michael Pohrer

RFT NOV 2013 Tear Sheet

Selected cartoon features from the current syndicated run appear on Tooned In©‘s Home Page.





2014 Welcome To The Jungle© Feature Banner Michael Pohrer


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