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Fiddlestix© 2014 Classic Comics Michael Pohrer

 FIDDLESTIX© was created in 1979, and began appearing in publications during 1988. The first FIDDLESTIX© Cartoons were originally black and white one-shots during the first three years. In 1991 -2011 they eventually evolved into the three panel horizontal strips, (2007 – 2010 Sunday examples are located on the FIDDLESTIX© Sunday Comics page.) During 2011 the panel reverted back to it’s initial origins as a single panel feature. For the 25th Anniversary 2012-2013 there was a brief run of Limited Edition cartoon strips in the horizontal format featuring the characters as they appear now. The horizontal format still runs concurrently alongside the Sunday only single panel as Classic Re-runs.

There were three core characters that always appeared within the panels of the feature, Grizzle and Irving, a misguided bear and his sidekick pal snake respectively. The other character was Pinhead. The strips alternated storylines between Grizzle and Irving, and Pinhead. In 2007 the dailies were pulled from publications and moved to a Sunday only multi-panel feature format. 2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the characters being in publications.

Here are examples of  the One-Shot Panel B/W FIDDLESTIX© dailies as they appeared on the printed pages during 1988-1991.


FIDDLESTIX© has also appeared in comic books, anthologies, and magazines throughout the cartoon strips existence. I would like to thank all the readers that have supported and read the comics for all these years. Thanks also goes out to all the editors and publishers that I have worked with. I really appreciate you fine folks for getting  FIDDLESTIX© out to the masses. I never thought that the characters would of appeared in publications for this long and I really enjoy providing the funnies for you the cartoon and comic art form lovers across the globe. FIDDLESTIX© is still running in syndication in all it’s different formats.

Here are the 3-Panel FIDDLESTIX© B/W dailies as they initially appeared from 1991 until 2008.

The original for the first strip below is exhibited through the FHHS Library Media Archive. This is how the strip looked during it’s first initial run to the first 25 years. The dailies still run on the printed pages as a “Classics” format.

2013 FIDDLESTIX © Michael Pohrer FHHS Media


Here is an example of the FIDDLESTIX© dailies as they appear on the printed pages through “Classics” re-runs. Huge Thanks to the studio assistants that are always willing to help in getting the funnies out to the masses daily.

2013 FIDDLESTIX © Michael Pohrer

The photo of the original strip below is courtesy of one of the studio assistant’s cartoon archive. I thought it would be fun to ask her to grab a photo that resembles the FHHS Library Media Archive photo. Since she owns a match to one of the original strips as they were framed for Galleries and Museum exhibits.


Fiddlestix© Original 1991 Michael Pohrer

Here are examples of  the “Limited Edition”  26th Anniversary Sunday strips 




2014 FIDDLESTIX© Michael Pohrer

Avatars, Screensavers, Wallpapers and more are located in that little corner of the digital world.

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