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Flying High

Posted February 19, 2018 By Michael Pohrer

Supergirl Pencils © 2015 Michael Pohrer

Manic Mondays continues on with another of my favorite images to roll off the drawing boards. This week we feature Kara Zor-El – Supergirl, National City’s very own caped crusader. Melissa Benoist brings the comic book heroine to life on the small screens as Kara Danvers through CBS on Monday nights. Glad to see a Role Model such as this appear. This image just ended up looking so clean I thought I would share it. I enjoy creating Comic Art while at the drawing boards. It is a great diversion from creating the cartoon strips. I’ll share more of the Comic Art through future Manic Monday posts.

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Thanks for reading the funnies cartoon fans! I really appreciate your support!

Woo Hoo! We are rolling onward cartoon fans. We have been gaining more printed publications with your help contacting your Local Features Editors. This Year we will be running some fabulous 30th Anniversary strips for FIDDLESTIX©. As well as the usual cartoons from the drawing boards STAY TOONED IN ! 2018 is going to be very cool friends. More fabulous nonsense is coming.

Sorry cartoon fans, if your local pages doesn’t carry the funnies. You can call your local Features Editor and request them to be added to the line up. 2017 is upon us and we are working feverishly in the studio. 2018 is the launch of a separate online presence for each feature created at the drawing boards. FEAR NOT TOONED IN© WILL STILL RUN THE FUNNIES! It’s kind of like an old time hockey phrase a “Hat Trick”, but funnier. WOO HOO!

2014 Welcome To The Jungle© Feature Banner Michael Pohrer 2014 FIDDLESTIX© Michael Pohrer


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Michael Pohrer by Howard Simpson

Michael Pohrer: St. Louis, Missouri Animator / Cartoonist / Illustrator. Spilling ink on drawing boards since 1979. Delivering daily funnies to the masses since 1988 through the printed pages. Creator of the internationally syndicated cartoon strips A Minute With Captain Obvious©, FIDDLESTIX©, and Welcome To The Jungle©. Michael Pohrer  Currently a member of CAPS, Comic Art Professional Society,  SCCS Southern California Cartoonists Society – San Diego Chapter of The National Cartoonists Society, I.C.C. International Cartoonist Conspiracy, and The St. Louis Gateway Arts.

The various animation / digital graphics / illustrations / and cartoons produced at PC Studios can be seen throughout various media sources internationally. A few of these include The Riverfront Times (U.S.A.), The Global Free Press (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), Lookout Newspaper (Victoria – British Columbia), Newsblaze Publications (U.S.A.), Newropeans Magazine (Paris, France). The material created has been broadcast on NBC, MeTV Network, featured through Google News and appears in “Best Editorial Compilations”, Comic books (U.K., Britian), Anthologies, newspapers, magazines, as well as exhibitions through Galleries, and Museums across the United States.

 Thanks to all the editors and publishers that have featured and continue to feature my work throughout the years. For more information on Michael Pohrer you can email him at fantasticgraphics at gmail dot com.


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